I have been seeing Rexton service providers for years. Previous appointments were located in various hotels in the Cleveland area. Later the representatives were absent in NE Ohio. I received a mailing brochure last year from Northeast Ohio Hearing Center and did not know they had taken over the previous company's service and they still provided Rexton Hearing Aids to those with hearing loss.

With the latest aids, I have been very satisfied with the quality of hearing I have experienced. The Northeast Ohio Hearing Center's Technicians have been wonderful. I will be happy to recommend Northeast Ohio Hearing Center to my friends and associates. It is great to be able to hear again and my family and friends do not have to repeat their messages. Thank you Northeast Ohio Hearing Center.

Sounds are crisp and clear. Like the volume adjustment ability. Very happy with improvement and quality of sound with this style versus old style she had.

It's always pleasant to visit this Hearing Center. I've always been treated pleasantly and respectfully - of course - now that I "hear" better I know they don't scold me because of my old age antics. They are so easy to share brief visits with and oh yes the building is very professional in appearance. Thank you for your help with my hearing!

They are great people to help you out anytime. Love my hearing aids, help me whenever I call and need them for any little thing. So glad I met them. Good people and now I can hear.

Pleased with this company. I like the hearing aids. A good choice & I think good testing.

Great service - listen to my needs - would recommend to other people.

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