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APEX Hearing Aids

Hearing aids to fit your lifestyle

Apex products provide an affordable hearing solution engineered for your specific listening and lifestyle needs. The laughter and sounds of family and friends will be closer than ever thanks to Apex.

With Apex hearing aids, you can appreciate the joy of hearing again - discreetly and in a variety of listening environments. The directional microphones help you concentrate on the conversations in front of you when you are in noisy environments. This way, you’re hearing only what you want to hear, whether you’re in a busy restaurant or at a family gathering.

The Apex line provides compelling features like noise reduction, feedback preventer, and directionality - all powered by well-proven technology. These features provide you with easier understanding in difficult listening environments.

  • 3 Performance Levels (80/60/40)
  • Up to 6 Programs
  • Reverb Reducer
  • Music Enhancer
  • Voice Ranger
  • XPhone (Cross Phone)
  • Tinnitus Function
  • App Compatible
  • Durable construction
  • Bluetooth® friendly

Other Hearing Aid Brands

Wide selection of hearing aids

We offer many different types of styles of hearing aids from the leading hearing manufactures. Your hearing professional will help you decide which hearing aid is best for your hearing loss, lifestyle, and budget.

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